Executive Board

2018-2019 Baylor ASDA Officers


Morgan Yamek: President

Morgan Yamek is a senior from Nashville, Tennessee. She will graduate as a Health Science Studies major with a minor in Biology. After graduating, she plans on attending dental school closer to home and later opening a general dental practice. She cannot wait to contribute to her patients’ confidence by giving them smiles they deserve. Outside of her ASDA involvement, she loves to play volleyball, paint, and eat/drink anything peach flavored!


Contact: Morgan_Yamek@baylor.edu


Stephanie Gilbert: External Vice President

Stephanie Gilbert is a junior from Sugar Land, Texas. She is studying in the Honors Program, majoring in Biology and minoring in Nutrition Sciences. Outside of ASDA, she is actively involved in Alpha Epsilon Delta and Medical Mentors. She has a passion for volunteering, enjoys spending time with friends and family, and loves running in her study breaks. Following graduation, her goal is to attend dental school in Texas and is hoping to open a practice in general dentistry, but also has interest in specializing.

Contact: S_Gilbert@baylor.edu
Committee: Olivia Jones


Kylie Ross: Social Vice President

Kylie Ross is a senior from Mckinney, Texas. She will graduate with a Health Science studies degree with a minor in Biology. She is also a student athlete on the Baylor Women’s Soccer team. Outside of sports and ASDA, she loves nutrition and fitness, writing calligraphy, and mission work. After graduating, she plans to get her Masters of Arts in Biology at Baylor and then apply to dental school to become a general dentist with plans to do missions in the future.

Contact: Kylie_Ross@baylor.edu
Committee: David Gonzales, Anne Nagengast, and Alexandria Thomas


Drew Phillips:
Finance Vice President

Drew Phillips is a senior Health Science Studies major from Rowlett, Texas. After graduation, he hopes to attend dental school and one day provide care through dental missions. He looks forward to forming relationships with his patients and serving members of his community. Outside of ASDA, he is an active member of Antioch Community Church and Zeta Zigga Zamma. He enjoys reading, playing sports, volunteering in youth ministry, and sailing with his father.


Contact: Drew_Phillips@baylor.edu
Committee: Skyler Metcalf


Ali Nebergall:
Service Vice President

Ali Nebergall is a junior from Denver, Colorado. She is a Finance major with a double minor in Biology and Chemistry. Outside of class, Ali has a passion for volunteering. She actively serves at Friends for Life, an organization which assists adults with disabilities. In her free time, Ali enjoys hiking, backpacking, and playing frisbee and volleyball. After graduation, Ali plans on attending dental school with the goal of becoming a practicing dentist.  

Contact: Ali_Nebergall@baylor.edu
Committee: Preston Hodges, Olivia Provenza


Noah Price:
Membership Vice President

Noah Price is a junior from San Diego, California, but now lives in New Braunfels, Texas. He is majoring in Health Science Studies with a minor in Biology. Outside of class, he volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in Waco and serves as ASDA’s Education Chair. His hobbies include cycling, mountain biking, backpacking, and camping. He is passionate about one day providing dental care to improve his patients’ physical and psychological health, as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Contact: Noah_Price@baylor.edu
Committee: Elizabeth Hunter, Sherry Mina


Kayley Neukam:
Communications Vice President

Kayley Neukam is a junior from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Child and Family Studies. She loves spending time with her family and friends, hiking and traveling, and enjoys tutoring at Baylor’s Student Success Center. In addition to ASDA, she is actively involved in Zeta Tau Alpha and Medical Mentors. She is passionate about one day specializing in pediatric dentistry to encourage her patients to live their best lives one smile at a time.

Contact: Kayley_Neukam@baylor.edu
Committee: Christopher Estrada


Kirsten Grismer:
Networking Vice President

Kirsten Grismer is a junior Health Science Studies major, with a double minor in biology and chemistry. She calls many places home as her military family moved nearly every year. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, competing in intramural sports, tending her garden, and tackling small construction projects. She has a passion for serving others and regularly volunteers at the Salvation Army and with her church. One day, she hopes to provide dental care to the underserved and marginalized communities.

Contact: Kirsten_Grismer@baylor.edu
Committee: Faith Wallace


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